A word about add-ons on the product pages

We have tried to make it easier to order extra stuff right on the product page. If you want pipe cleaners with your pipe, you can click an add-on when you order the pipe. You won’t have to search for a pipe tool or pipe cleaners elsewhere on the site. Also, when you buy add-ons at the same time your order the pipe, you generally save money over the regular price of the additional item. However, we have found a flaw in the way the product add-ons work.

If you choose to include any add-ons, you will get the same number of add-ons as pipes. Order two pipes plus the pipe cleaner addon and you will get double pipe cleaners.

So if you want only one add-on with your order, but want more than one pipe the thing to do is select one pipe plus any add-ons you want to include and place the products in your cart. From the Cart page select “continue shopping,” and that should bring you back to the product page. Now you can order more pipes, but this time don’t check the add-ons.

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