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Dear Ken, I just wanted to say thank you. The pipe is excellent, exactly, what I wanted. It’s very nice to hold it in hands, knowing that this is a historical reconstruction and the fact that it was recently very far from me. Delivery took only two weeks, I did not expect this. All OK! Thank you!

I just received the Marcus Fohr. Churchwarden (#49). Great pipe, I’m smoking it now. I now  have 3 clays that I’ve ordered from  you. I must say, I enjoy smoking clay more than briar. I think the clay bowls have  more consistent heat properties which lends to a longer (less relighting) and consistent burn than briar.


To all the Good people at the PVPS,

I received my order for two

“Old German Clay”Pipes.

I consider a miracle, and am happy to report that, my pipes made it to me in excellent condition. Your prices are reasonable, and shipping was first rate.

Thank you for your quality product. I hope to do more business with Penn Valley Pipes in the future. In me you have made an excellent first impression and will sing the praises of your company to everyone with ears to hear.

Your New Friend & Customer


I wanted to thank you so much for your amazing service and trust and humor and Christmas Spirit when we called! We received the two clay pipes in perfect condition and a day earlier than expected! My husband loves them.  He used the light-colored clay one immediately upon opening it on Christmas morning!

You delighted my daughter, (which delighted me), as it was her idea to buy her Daddy a clay pipe. You really helped our make Christmas special. Thank you so much! You’ll hear from us again!!

I *love* my new pipe. It won’t be my last clay pipe.

A pity there’s not a pipe with the look and durability of a briar with the advantages of clay. — Mark.

Hello, Just smoked my Markus Fohr #20 clay for the first time. It smokes wonderfully. Very cool and dry. My first intimation that the tobacco had all been smoked was when I drew and got a bit of powdery ash in my mouth. I dumped the pipe and it was clean with no residue or dottle. I ran a pipe cleaner through the stem, and it came out still white. I’m very satisfied with this pipe. Thanks again. Matt H.

I’m just writing to say how impressed I am with you guys. I ordered a Dutch Gouda pipe from you and just received it in the mail today. It was packed insanely well and it’s really cool how you included a bunch of information about clay pipes. I’ve smoked briar pipes for 15 years and this is my first clay pipe. Looking forward to buying more from you. thanks again! -Chad

The Tavern Pipe Combo I ordered from you arrived today and was in excellent shape! Thank you very much for the care taken while shipping. The paperwork that came with them was very informative as well.

I’ve smoked briar pipes for the last few years and have been interested in clay pipes just over the last year. I’m looking forward to taking these for a spin! I think they’ll find a nice spot on the shelf with the rest of my briars and make their way into rotation shortly.

Thanks very much for your timely shipment and careful packaging again. I look forward to doing business with you in the near future!

“Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying my Markus Fohr black clay, #5. I don’t like to smoke too much at a time, and the small bowl is perfect. Plus the pure flavour of the tobacco coming through, and no ghosts in the pipe! After gently tapping out any dottle, I’ve had good results cleaning out the bowl with the reamer on my Swiss Army knife (being careful to hold the pipe by the bowl and not apply too much pressure). I’ve also found that an occasional clean with sodium bicarbonate works well to clean out any built up residue – I just rub it around the inside of the bowl with my finger, then rinse in warm water and leave to air dry. ”

– G.S., Australia


I’m very happy with my order and dealing with your company. You’ve got a customer.


Just wanted to drop you a word to tell you how much I am enjoying my first clay pipe! It arrived in perfect shape and I have been enjoying it ever since. Thank you!

Hello Ken! I have been ordering clay pipes from you for the last 3-4 months. I am constantly amazed and surprised by your variety,quantity and quality! Thank you for providing a great site for those of us interested in all this old smoking paraphernalia! I work in the fast paced,high stress world of commercial construction and just wanted you to know it is a pleasure at the end of along day to peruse your site and enjoy your products! Thank you for your hard work and,as they say,keep up the good fight!


I just wanted to give you folks my input in regards to my recent order of your Sherlock tavern clay pipe. It came right on time per shipping and I was happily surprised to read the included letter and care details for the pipe. I’ve smoked largely briars and a couple of meerschaums and to have such information at hand gives me a lot of confidence and appreciation for what your store does in the order process. Take this as a testimonial, I would happily order again!

Good Day Ken! I just wanted to say thank you for my recent purchase. Exactly as ordered and FAST delivery. Ordered on the 7th and it was here by 11:00 A.M. the 9th ( today )! I wont hesitate to make another purchase from you. Great doing business with you sir! Cheers, ~Adam

..I scored a English tavern pipe,I LOVE IT..people complement me on it all time and I even get heads turning to see what kind I got.

Thanks for the pipe you sent. I really didn’t know what to expect but this small churchwarden is quite a beautiful little pipe. You never know quite what to expect on the less expensive pipes but I’d say this is great little pipe at a bargain price.

Best wishes,

Van and Nancy

I intended the Markus Fohr pipe to be used for Virginia tobaccos. With that in mind, I loaded it up with some Reiner Long Golden Flake which I had squirreled away back in 2008. It smoked like a dream; cool and without any issues throughout both bowlfuls.

I have to say I’m very impressed with clay pipes now. Before stumbling upon your site, I found modern clay pipes to have an insufficient draw, and they were generally “factory made” in that they had no personality. Your selection of clays has turned me about. I am thoroughly impressed.

Kindest Regards,

My name is David Harnois and I recently purchased the Sherlock Clay pipe.  I wanted to say thank you for the helpful information you included, as well as the touch of including my name in your thank you note.  It’s a small touch, but it goes a long way.  I also wanted to let you know that I specifically purchased your pipe for use in a play.  I work for a theatre in Iowa as the Technical Director, but I am also playing Sherlock Holmes in our upcoming production of “Sherlock Holmes & The Case of the Jersey Lily”.  I am being a real stickler about certain elements of the set dressing (the pipes being one) and this will add a wonderful touch for any Holmesian taking a good look things.

Thanks again!

David Harnois


That was one of the fastest, friendliest and most helpful customer service emails I have received in a long time. I will pass on your site to my friends and save it for future purchases.

Thank You very much,

Tony R.

I just received the clay I ordered. I wanted to say thank you for the copious information you included with the pipe. It is very much appreciated.



I just wanted to say that I received the pipe yesterday and this one is working perfectly. Thank you for adding the little pipe cleaners, as well. Those will come in handy.

Thank you for your great customer service!



Good morning,

Before I continue, I just want to say thank you for the quality pieces you sell. My first pipe, and my second came from you guys and I love them both…

Alex R.
Marlton, NJ

Dear Mr. Ellis and the team at Penn Valley,

Just wanted to let you guys know that I have received the pipes in good order, and without breakage. The postal system at my side sometimes leaves a lot to be desired, but I guess the courier gods must have been smiling this time!

Thanks once again, and looking forward to getting home to knock off a few smokes.



Hi KC,
I just received your package and the mini churchwardens are perfect! Can’t wait to start breaking them in.

Nick M.
Malden, MA

Thanks Ken – received the pipe order – exactly what we were looking for.

Sue Y.
Prop buyer
The Reign
Ontario, Cananda

Re: 16″ colonial tavern pipes

My pipe arrived safe and sound and I’ve just been trying it out. It looks even nicer in person and the bowl holds just the right amount of tobacco for me.

Best regards


Dear KC,

Thanks so much for your message.  Just letting you know I received the two pipes in the mail today.  That was super fast!  Thanks for the tips too.

All the best,

Don H.

Plymouth, MA

Thank you for all of the information. I’ll definitely keep them on my list for a birthday gift at the end of this summer. I purchased an Elizabethan clay pipe from you a couple of months ago and, now that I have the hang of it, I’m really enjoying using it for a quick smoke here and there. Thanks!


They arrived and they are PERFECT!!!!

Thank You!!!

Albany, NY

Hello again. Just to let you know I finally got the clay pipe, and it smokes as good as it looks! thank you once again! I foresee that I will be smoking plenty with it! cheers!

Rigel, Singapore

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