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Credit Card Payments

Did you know PayPal allows buyers to use a credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account? It is safe and secure and you will not have to create a PayPal account. We recently lost our credit card processor because they took exception to the fact that we sell pipes which can be used […]

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Stripe sucks a big one.

So for the past who knows how many years, we have offered various ways for our customers to pay. We have always relied on PayPal and a few years back we added Amazon Payments. One of the standard payment gateways that are used by our shopping cart program is Stripe which handles credit card payments. […]

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A friend needs help

Recently, I started a Go Fund Me page for our part-time assistant, Janelle. About three years ago she had a bicycle accident that caused severe physical damage, especially to her right arm and leg. She required knee replacement surgery, but the damage to her right forearm was worse. The wound became infected with a flesh-eating […]

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Spring Break

Winter has finally left the building. It was still cold outside (15° F) this morning in the hills of Apalachin. But it might reach 50° later today! To celebrate the coming of spring and for those of us of the Pagan persuasion, the vernal equinox, we have decided to take a spring break. Between now […]

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Our new resin pipe resonates with the past.

Why our new resin pipe resonates with the past. As I write this pipe review I’m smoking our new resin pipe. I recall another resin tobacco pipe, a Hilson Fantasia churchwarden, I owned many years ago. At the risk of dating myself, well ‘risk’ may not be the right word – ‘prospect” would be better […]

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Clay tobacco pipes and why you want one

From the early days of tobacco smoking, clay tobacco pipes have played a key role. North American native peoples fashioned pipes from many materials – stone, wood and also clay. Some examples of native American clay pipes are shown here. The early European settlers saw tobacco as a one of the many interesting New World […]

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We’re making some changes to the website

Hi, Than you for visiting Penn Valley Pipes and If you’ve been here before you’ll notice some layout changes. We are trying out different theme designs to make your visit as streamlines as possible. On most pages you will see a complete listing of our products running down the right side of the page. […]

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