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Brewing Smoke

Ken Brewster, pipe smoker non de plume
Maurice d’Laun (A.K.A. Moe, at least on the weekend)

Ken Brewster’s Brewing Smoke

 or How to Succeed in Pipe Smoking Without Really Trying.

This is the place where Ken will wander aimlessly, pipe in mouth, pen in hand and scribble whatever comes to mind. Mostly about pipes and pipe smoking.

IPSD February 20th

International Pipe smoking Day – February 20 If you love clay pipes, or briar pipes, or Meerschaum, or corn cobs, or love all sorts of…Read More »

The Porcelain Hunter Pipe

My friend Steve once complained, “I went to Germany and all I got was this crappy t-shirt and a porcelain hunter pipe.” They also had…Read More »

The allure of clay pipes

Over the spring and summer, I have been watching the AMC show Turn on my Netflix account. It is a show about George Washington’s spies…Read More »

A friend needs help

Recently, I started a Go Fund Me page for our part-time assistant, Janelle. About three years ago she had a bicycle accident that caused severe…Read More »

Spring Break

Winter has finally left the building. It was still cold outside (15° F) this morning in the hills of Apalachin. But it might reach 50°…Read More »

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