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Brewster vs. Tech… and Tech wins

I thought it was a great idea. I’ll move Pipeshoppe.com to a new web host to see if I can improve the speed of the site. I had found that there was a long lag time once in a while going from one page to another or going to the cart after adding an item. I didn’t like that, so I thought let’s try using a different hosting company. Simple, right? I’ve done it before. But Thursday, I had all kinds of trouble uploading files to the new server, on top of that I wiped out the files on the old server by mistake and had to recreate that account.

By the end of the night on Thursday, I had the site running again, but on the old server. Friday the 13th I started over again. This time I was able to upload the files okay, but ran into a problem reconfiguring the database until I created a new folder and then the install worked great. It just took about seven or eight hours. The site looked the way it was supposed to, but then late Friday night I tried running a test purchase and ran into an SSL error, so unlike the Hotel California, I could leave any time I like, but I could never check out. The checkout page will not display.

This issue plagues old Ken going into Saturday morning and my IT guys are hard at work trying to resolve the issue. Thank you all for visiting. I am truly sorry, very, very, very sorry you can’t buy anything.  The phone line will be open from 10 am to 7 pm Easter Time until the SSL situation is resolved.

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