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Comoy Pipes on Sale

Comoy Pipes on Sale

According to Comoy their pipes are – The Gentleman’s Choice Since 1825

And who are we to disagree. “The Comoy trademark is one of the oldest in the pipe industry dating back to 1825 and is respected as some of the finest pipes made.

“It all started back in the early 1800’s by Francois Comoy who began making pipes out of briar roots in St. Claude, France – Frances was one of the first pipe makers to make pipes of briar roots. Francois’ son Henry, moved the business to London in the late 1800’s and with help of some of his brothers became very successful as a pipe maker and was credited with being the author of the appellation “London made”. The Comoy pipes were initially launched in the U. S. market in the early 1920’s, and were in the 1980’s one of the best selling pipe lines in the U.S.” (source http://comoypipes.com/)

And these French made pipes are on sale through December 31st.

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