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Corn Cobs for IPSD and Presidents Day

This year as always International Pipe Smoking Day falls on February 20. It just so happens that in the United States February 20, 2023, is Presidents Day. For several years now the mention of Presidents Day has caused a flare-up of feelings – ranging from pride to loathing – depending on one’s political views and the person sitting in the Oval Office. Here at the Pippeshoppe, we don’t take sides. We respect every position and belief held by our dear customers. Politics just don’t energize us, but we do adore International Pipe Smoking Day.

As a kid in grade school, I remember celebrating Lincoln’s birthday and George Washington’s birthday separately. This year I want to go back to those roots and highlight some equally old-fashioned pipes by offering 20% off our selection of corn cob pipes. Even though neither of those presidents probably smoked them (*citation needed). We suspect, however, that in his youth Joseph Biden was present when the first corn cob pipes were made shortly before the American Revolution. I should know. I was there at the time.

So, from now through February 20, 2023 (International Pipe Smoking Day), take 20% off your corn cob pipe order when you use the discount code CORN20 at checkout.

Happy ISPD!

Your friend,

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