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Getting ready for autumn

Hard to believe another summer is winding down. In less than two weeks Labor Day will have come and gone. College students are back on campus and out in Ohio, my grandson Chris is starting class again. Where I went to grade school we never started until after Labor Day, but some districts start in August and let the kids loose in May. In any case, fall is on the horizon. If you, gentle pipes smoker, wish to get ready for autumn, this is the time to stock up on the pipes that will ease your transition back indoors.

I always like to start a new season with one or two new pipes. Right now Pipeshoppe.com is offering to let you pick your own  clay pipe combination and save 15%, so that looks like a great deal to start fall off on the right track. The imported Italian Churchwarden pipes are always popular at this time of year and our selection of Italian Churchwarden pipes along with their little brothers, the mini churchwardens are on sale now through Labor Day.

Up here on the Southern Tier, the leaves on the locust trees are turning brown, there are some patches of bright yellow on the black walnut trees, but for the most part it still looks and feels like summer. So enjoy it while you can, get outside, smoke your pipe, look around and be happy.


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