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Gift cards and gift boxes are now available

This holiday season we added a checkout option to have your pipe packed into a gift box. The gift box can come with a label showing the pipe(s) inside the box, or it can be a plain white box. Some products already ship boxed so if you have a question about ordering a gift box you can email us.

We usually pack our pipes loose but fully padded and protected when we ship, but there are times when our customers would like to add some extra nice touch to their order. If you are buying a gift for a loved one or friend you can, of course, pack the pipe in your own gift box. To be honest, it will most likely look nicer than what we will ship, however, if you want us to ship your gift directly to the recipient, we can pack your pipe and whatever accessories you want to include in a gift box.

The box can hold most of the pipe sizes we sell as well as a few other items such as pipe cleaners or a pipe tool. It won’t be able to hold a pipe rack, but those ship in their own box. The gift box isn’t fancy. It’s just a standard shirt box basically, but with a label on the top showing the pipe or pipes that are included with your gift.


We can also include a simple gift card with your message if you like. Boxes and cards can be ordered separately so if you only want a card or only want a box you have that option.

Outside of the gift card
Inside of the gift card

The option to add a gift card or have your order packed in a gift box is shown on the Checkout page after you add items to your cart. The default for the gift card and gift box is not to add them to the cart, so if these are not options you wish to add you don’t need to do anything. If you do choose to add a gift card, you can include who it is for and your message in the Order Notes field on the checkout page which shows up under the optional “ship to address”. See the photos above for a sample greeting.

This a just a little extra service we like to offer; especially around the holidays.

Boxes can be plain or have a label showing the items inside the box.

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