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A friend needs help

Recently, I started a Go Fund Me page for our part-time assistant, Janelle. About three years ago she had a bicycle accident that caused severe physical damage, especially to her right arm and leg. She required knee replacement surgery, but the damage to her right forearm was worse. The wound became infected with a flesh-eating bacteria that so compromised the Ulna and the Radius that the doctors had to remove both bones between her elbow and wrist and were in favor of amputating her arm above the elbow. Janelle refused.

The injury and her inability to use her arm have effectively left her unemployable. However, it is possible to replace the bones she lost in her arm by using one from her leg. If she can get the surgery, Janelle may once more regain nearly full functionality of her arm.

Of course, the surgery is very expensive which is why we set up the Go Fund Me page. We normally would not use a commercial website to ask for donations, but Janelle is part of our family and we want to help in any way we can. We’re not asking you to give a lot, anything will help.

Make a donation to Janelle’s fund here.

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