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International Pipe Smoking Day

International Pipe Smoking Day is Friday, February 20th!

At long last and not a moment too soon! Yes, one of the few saving graces of this frigid February is the return of Pipe Smoking Day. Join us in a toast and a pipe. We will begin the festivities at 7:00 PM, February 19th and smoke through the night and throughout Friday. Special discounts will commence with the arrival of International Pipe Smoking Day at midnight in London (7:00 PM Eastern Time).  Of course this includes Ireland and the Sovereign Nation of Scotland, from which Ken’s ancestors sprouted upon this earth in much the same way as mushrooms, we suppose, since having been born into a Catholic tradition, the origin of the species and individuals thereof, was shrouded in mystery.

If you would like to join us, please share your experience by adding a comment telling what you are smoking and, if applicable, drinking.

Happy Pipe Smoking Day.

5 thoughts on “International Pipe Smoking Day

  • Ken

    I’m smoking Balkan Sasieni in a pebble grain Comoy’s Billiard. Sipping Glenmorangie Single Malt Scotch. Happy IPSD!

  • Ken

    Kicking off IPSD with a clay English Tavern Pipe and a bowlful of the legendary Drayton Lane Mixture, a full strength English blend produced exclusively for Penn Valley Pipes and Tobacco Co by Craig Tarler. With my glass of Glenmorangie, I propose a toast to the memory of the great tobacconist and to his wife Patty who was and still is an inspiration to fledgling neophytes and seasoned connoisseurs alike. in the world of pipe tobacco.

  • Ken

    It’s 6 PM in Apalachin, NY and my outdoor thermometer is registering -3 degrees F (-19 C). Good night to stay in and smoke a pipe. This one is a bowl of Drew Estates Meat Pie in a nice French made Comoy.

  • madl.jeff

    Its 6:45, dinner is served. BUT after I plan to relax with nice bowl of Montego Bay in my new Briar Churchwarden (still love my clays however) and tankard of Grog (Smith & Cross with a twist of lime)

  • Ken

    The day is coming to a close. It’s seven below zero, more snow tomorrow. Finishing up with a nice Balkan blend in my old Calabash. Good night, all.

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