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IPSD has arrived

The much anticipated International Pipe Smoking Day has arrived and in all places around the globe, guns will be replaced by pipes; and tobacco, which we are told is just as deadly as bullets, will be loaded into those pipes and all smoking bans will be lifted from sunup to sundown in all towns and villages throughout the world and all will rejoice for one peaceful day and all manner of people will sit together and break bread and matches and realize that days like this can only last for a day, but they will enjoy the moment as we sit as brothers and sisters united through the pleasure of pipe smoking.

Yes, I know there are not a few out there who are saying, old Ken isn’t actually smoking tobacco in that pipe is he? Surely, you can’t seriously question my enthusiasm for IPSD. I live in New York, not out in Colorado or Washington or wherever. Tobacco is my second drug of choice, caffeine being numero uno. There is only so much pleasure a man can stand in any given day and after my coffee and a pipe bowl, I’ve reached my limit.

Whether or not we can solve the world’s woes with a leisurely smoke is a topic for philosophers or politicians and others of their ilk. It’s enough that pipe smokers have our own day, even if only pipe smokers know about it. Happy International Pipe Smoking Day!

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