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Ken Brewster: Marketing Genius or Complete April Fool?

Some of our lucky customers found out that our Spring10 discount on April Fools Day applied a discount, not of 10%, as the owner intended, but rather deducted a full $10 from the order. No wonder we had so many return buyers on April 1st!

aprilfoolKen02Upon reviewing the orders, Old Ken was a bit perplexed. A condition that seems to increase with the passing years, clinically known as Oldagus Perplectitudium. He therefore consulted his IT department chief, the late Dick Hedd, late to work, not dead, when he finally staggered into the office, Dick, not Ken. Dick muttered something about the servers being down and alien hackers from The Cloud pulling an April Fools stunt, but Ken wasn’t buying it. Of course, if he had, he would have saved $10. It turns out it was Dick Hedd at it again. Another case of operator error. He set the cart discount at $10 not 10%. Just another simple Dick Hedd mistake, however the corporate owners were not pleased. Because they like having Dick Hedd running the IT section, they are turning their evil 1% stare on lowly Ken. No more mistakes that cost the company money or, I’ll paraphrase here, “I’ll be smoking my pipe through the wrong orifice.” They didn’t meant out of my ear.

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