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We’re making some changes to the website


Than you for visiting Penn Valley Pipes and Pipeshoppe.com. If you’ve been here before you’ll notice some layout changes. We are trying out different theme designs to make your visit as streamlines as possible. On most pages you will see a complete listing of our products running down the right side of the page. Some sidebar features has been moved or removed entirely. We hope the new design will make it easier than ever to find the product you want and maybe even some you weren’t previously aware of.

If you do notice anything amiss such as products not showing up the way you might expect or if the checkout processes isn’t working smoothly, please let us know.

Thanks for visiting and taking time to read this message.

All the best,


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Close If you live in Utah state law restricts Internet sales of tobacco paraphernalia, such as pipes. Until we have information to the contrary, we will no longer sell any tobacco related product or smoking instruments to consumers in Utah and other locations where there are restrictions on our products.