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New batch of Markus Fohr pipes has arrived

Way back in July we ordered a number of Markus Fohr pipes and they arrived in New York on July 30th. After that nothing. For two months we have been waiting to see if the pipes would show up or find out that they fell off the truck and ended up on eBay. We had no idea. Markus initiated a trace at the end of August. I wrote an appeal to the UN Commission on Lost Parcels and was pulling out of my driveway to head into the City, when the mailman arrived. Guess what? Yes, the package arrived today.

Why it took over two months to travel 215 miles, a distance that on a good day, takes under 4 hours to drive is anybody’s guess. However, the best news for you dear customer, is that these pipe arrived during the Markus Fohr sales season and they are now online and marked down until the end of October.

A bonus lot of special order pipes, the white Markus Fohr #4WCO pipe was included and these pipes are the only Markus Fohr pipes available for under $10.00. These are the same #4 white pipes selling for $20, but these do not have a lip at the mouthpiece. So if ya don’t want me to give you no lip, buy these pipes and I won’t give ya no lip! My lips are seals. They keep flapping and yapping.

Markus Fohr Clay Pipes

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