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New combos and new pipes

This Memorial Day weekend and all next week we will be adding new clay pipe combinations and bring on new pipes. If you are thinking about which Markus Fohr pipes to buy and can’t decide on a black or a white one, you can now have both and save 10%. Right now we have the #12 in black and white and the #9 in a black and white combo together at a ten percent savings over the stand alone prices.

Next week we will introduce Old Dominion Pipes from Virginia. These include heirloom Indian Corn Cob pipes with reed stems and an authentic clay reproduction pipe the “Williamsburg” which was reconstructed from period pipe shards found on the Old Dominion plantation and recreated with molds made by 3D printing. These are as close to the real colonial pipes as we could find.

We should also have a full range of new Markus Fohr styles coming in this week, many of which we have never offer previously.

And good news for those looking for the 16″ colonial tavern pipes that have been out of stock for over a month. These pipes are due in by the end of May, so go ahead and order them now even though the back order notice is on the item page.

Have a great weekend!

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