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New in stock alert notification available

We carry a lot of pipes and accessories and sometimes they sell out. Usually we can get them back in stock in a relatively short period of time, but we know it can be disappointing if the item you want is not available. We have added a new feature that will, we hope, alert you when an item is back on the shelf. We are in the process of testing the FollowPrice plugin for our shopping cart. If you want to find out when an item goes on sale or when an item that is sold out is back in stock, you can click on the followprice button that shows up on the products pages.

As I said, we are still testing this out, but it looks promising. Just a note, though, if you have used the earlier stock alert notification button, we never got your email. That particular plugin was not working for us. Let us know if you find the new one isn’t working for you.


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