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A note about clay pipes

We’ve most likely mentioned the tendency of a new clay pipe sticking to your lips the first couple of times you smoke the pipe, but our good friend Kent pointed out to us that we don’t include a warning when we ship a clay pipe to our customers. We added a post to our frequently asked questions page (Do clay pipes stick to your lips?) which explains how to avoid this problem if you don’t get a pipe with a varnished tip. Most of our pipes come without varnish so this information may be useful if you are concerned about “lip sticking.”

We will also be including this information with our clay pipe orders in the future. Thank you Kent.

One thought on “A note about clay pipes

  • Kent

    I would say you are welcome, but my lips are stuck to the pipe. Incidentally, love the pipe. Perfect size, clean smoke, easy to keep lit, looks hip. Everything a beginner would want.

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