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Old Clay Pipes found in Mass.

Old Clay Pipes found in Mass.

We were sent some photos of unidentified clay pipes. They appear to old Ken to be made between 1850 and 1914. If they were made by the American Smoking Pipe Company of Ohio which was owned by James W. McCoy between 1896 and 1914, the inscription on the bowl would make sense. Of course, there is much a more famous and productive American Smoking Pipe Company owned by the great pipe maker, Mark Tinsky, and we are fairly certain the “American” inscription on the bowl is not a reference to Mark’s pipes.

The Peach State Archaeological Society shows a similar pipe with an equally large bowl on their website above the description of the pipes made from 1850 -1910. Here’s their page. It appears that the pipe on that page was once a churchwarden, or at least a bit longer than the piece that survives, and had been broken to its current length, as opposed to the pipe shown below which is a complete 7″ pipe with a glazed tip still somewhat visible.

If anyone recognizes this pipe, please email us using the contact form and we will pass the information on to our friend Tom Moran who was kind enough to send us the photos.


porcelain01Tom also came across this porcelain pipe bowl, which we suspect came from Holland, if for no other reason than that we suspect everyone. So it could have been made anywhere. Again, if you have any idea about the origin of this pipe bowl, let us know.

You can use our contact form, if you have any knowledge of the pipes shown.

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