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Out of Stock but may be available in the future

Here are some items that are out of stock, but might become available at a later date.

We like to show all of the products we sell, therefore we used to set our shop to display even items that were sold out. Unfortunately, especially with our clay pipe selection, that can be most of the pipes in our catalog. We may get a variety of pipe styles in one shipment and later we’ll order a full range of new styles. That keeps our stock fresh, yet can lead to a lot of pipes showing up on the website that are sold out. This can be both frustrating and confusing when you get to the website and start browsing for pipes.

So instead of displaying everything we have ever stocked, we have decided to show only the pipes you can actually buy when you get here. Which brings us to this page. Here will will show some pipes that are not currently available but which can be ordered. If you see some items you would like us to restock send us an email.

Below is a listing of Out of Stock items.

[sold_out_products per_page=”200″ columns=”4″]

If you see some items you would like us to restock send us an email.

Close If you live in Utah state law restricts Internet sales of tobacco paraphernalia, such as pipes. Until we have information to the contrary, we will no longer sell any tobacco related product or smoking instruments to consumers in Utah and other locations where there are restrictions on our products.