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Period clay pipes on TV

I admit, after a long day at the Pipeshoppe, I like to relax and watch some TV. However, I don’t really like TV. I don’t care for the commercials, after all, I pay enough to the cable company for the privilege of having broadcast television pumped into my home and I don’t enjoy the scheduling. I could get a devise to record the shows I want to watch, but after years of not watching TV at all, most of the shows I watch have either been canceled or are already into their 65th season and I hate jumping into things in the middle.

Instead I watch shows on Netfix and Amazon. I can’t watch everything that way, but they feature enough bad TV and generally multiple seasons of the stuff, that I can kick back and pretty much watch what I want and choose when to watch. I just started watching AMC’s “Turn” set during the American Revolution and if you have seen the show you will recognize many of the clay pipe props as pipes we sell here. This week are offering a discount on the Dutch colonial pipe which is used on the show. They also employ the English tavern pipe and possibly a broken 16″ tavern pipe, which appears to have been reduced to about 10 inches.

We sold a number of Old German Clay Pipes, a couple of 16″ tavern pipes along with the display rack designed expressly for that pipe, a Neil Yarm pipe stand among other things to ABC for their upcoming season of Quantico. The 16″ Colonial Tavern pipe has been very popular as a TV and theater prop in a number of settings, including ABC’s Sleepy Hollow and Netfix’s The Unsinkable Kimmy Schmidt. Unfortunately, in a very short time the only place you will find our most popular clay pipe will be on TV reruns. We have a very limited handful of 16″ colonial tavern pipes in stock and these pipes are no longer being produced. We hope that will change, but we have no indication that they will coming back on the market any time soon.

That doesn’t mean we will no longer carry a clay churchwarden. Old German Clay Pipes is stepping in to fill the void with excellent tavern pipes. The price is a little higher, but then, so is the quality. We currently sell the #7 clay churchwarden and the #49 tavern pipe so the tradition will live on.

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