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Antique Clay Pipe with Black Acrylic Stem #1405

$19.99 plus tax where applicable

Antique Clay Pipe with Black Acrylic Stem #1405

This pipe is fashioned from antique pipe bowls and fitted with a metal band to which an Ebonite stem is attached.

Note: The photos says ebonite, but the stem is actually acrylic.

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Antique Clay Pipe with Black Acrylic Stem #1405

Sometimes clay pipes break. They might be dropped or something heavy lands on them and they are no longer pipes in the useable sense of the word. But with a little help, these ruined smoking instruments can be resurrected and become a smoker’s companion once again. We found ones with enough stem intact and added a metal band and a short Ebonite stem, and, voila, we have a new and very smokeable clay tobacco pipe.

Weight3 oz
Dimensions6 × 1 × 2 in


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