Dutch Gouda Pipe

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Clay pipes made in Gouda, Holland have been found all over the world.  These are also called our Caribbean Pirate Pipes because the Dutch explored the West Indies during the time pirate ships roamed the seas.

Please note: When available you can choose the standard all white without varnish, or the same pipe with a red varnished tip. If a particular version is not available it will not show up in the drop down below.



The Colonial Era Dutch Gouda Clay Pipe

This pipe is an authentic reproduction of the clay pipe used by Dutch settlers in the New World when Holland laid claim to what is now New York City and the Hudson Valley. Examples of the early pipes can still be found on the bed of the Hudson River and in historical locations throughout the region.

Clay pipes made in Gouda, Holland have been found all over the world.  The Dutch were craftsmen in the trade and many of the individual pipe makers imprinted their symbols into the molds used to fashion their pipes.
These are reproductions made in the United States, but you can find more information about these pipes online at

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Dimensions 7 × 1 × 1 in

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