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Hanseatic Olive Wood Pipe (818202)

$59.95 plus tax where applicable

A pipe as unique as its owner

With this olivewood pipe you are not only buying an exceptionally beautiful pipe but one that will respond to your hand’s own oils as well as to your individual style of smoking. The natural finish will darken as the pipe is smoked and the oils from your hand will lend themselves to the task of developing a rich finish to this exquisite pipe.

The Hanseatic Olive Wood is an unstained, natural finish pipe from Germany. The wood is Mediterranean Olive with outstanding grain patterns unique to each pipe. The pipe comes with a box of 9mm filters. You can add an additional box of Blitz filters by clicking here.

This pipes should be broken in over the course of several days as it does not have a pre-carbonized bowl.  The natural finish means the pipe will darken as you smoke it and handle it.

You may also want to consider adding a velvet pouch to keep the pipe protected.

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Hanseatic Olive Wood Pipe (#81202)

This German-made Hanseatic olive wood tobacco pipe, carved from unstained Mediterranean olive wood, lets the natural beauty of the wood grain stand out. Over time this pipe will develop a rich, dark finish as you smoke it. Every olive wood pipe has a unique grain pattern and the manner in which this pipe darkens with age makes your pipe one-of-a-kind.

Weight1.7 oz
Dimensions5.75 × 1.5 × 2 in

5.75 inches

Bowl Depth

1.5 inches

Height of bowl

2 inches

Inside Bowl Diameter

.75 inch


1.7 ounces


Olive wood

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