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Lindström Billiard Filter Pipe

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Lindström Billiard Filter Pipe

This is an original Lindström large billiard with a Lindström 9mm filter. The bowl is extra large measuring 2 inches deep and with an inside diameter of 3/4″. The Meerschaum lining is 1/8″ thick. This pipe has never been smoked. This pipe comes with a 9mm filter and has an interesting ferrule with two holes that allow for a varied amount of air to enter the mouthpiece. This patented Lindström brass ferrule is only found, to the best of our knowledge, on Lindström pipes.

Buy this pipe and a box of 9mm filters will be included at no charge.

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Lindström Filter Pipe

Lindström, or Lindstrom as some says and writes, was a German company which started in the late 50’s and invented the brass ferrule patent. The ring had 1 hole, or sometimes up to 4 holes of different sizes, which you could turn matching over an airhole in the stem. An arrow on the stem marked the place where they match. In this way you could regulate the mount of air to add to the smoke, resulting in a dry and cool smoking pleasure.

Source: Pipedia

Weight4 oz
Dimensions6 × 1 × 2 in

2 inches


6 inches


The pipe weighs 2 ounces (4 ounces is the shipping weight)






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