Marbled English Tavern Pipe


The English Tavern Pipe is based on the style used in England in the 18th century when smoking tobacco was a popular pastime.

The Marbled English Tavern Pipe does not come with a pre-varnished option and, frankly, adding varnish may diminish the allure of the marbling. But if the prospect of the clay sticking to your lips puts you off, we can add a brown water-based varnish to help minimize the sticking. Generally, sticking to the lips will only occur the first few times you smoke a clay pipe. After several uses your saliva will have filled any porous properties at the mouthpiece end of the pipe and you will no longer experience any sticking.

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The English Tavern Pipe is based on the style used in England in the 18th century when smoking tobacco was a popular pastime. The marbled English tavern pipe is a modern variation on this theme. Red clay was used for pipe-making especially in Virginia, but it is unlikely that the white and red clays were mixed in a slurry to produce a marbled variation.

The tavern pipe would often be available for free at Inns and local Public Houses where patrons would enjoy a smoke with their tankard of ale. This one being only 8-9 inches long would not have been the kind of pipe that patrons would smoke and pass on to another customer. The long 15 and 16-inch pipes might be used that way with the tip being snapped off to provide a clean pipe to the next smoker.

This one would more likely be a personal pipe that a smoker would bring to the tavern or one that could be bought on the premises.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 8 x 1 x 1 in

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