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Markus Fohr #45Y black

$35.99 plus tax where applicable

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Markus Fohr #45 Black – Indian Head Pipe

The acrylic stem gives this clay pipe the feel of a Meerschaum or even a briar, although you would never mistake it for a briar pipe. Many pipe smokers who are trying a clay for the first time may find an all-clay pipe a bit hard to adjust to. The clay can tend to stick to the lips for the first couple of bowls (but that goes away quickly) and those smokers may find an Ebonite or acrylic stem much more familiar and more comfortable. With the renewed interest in clay pipes, an all clay pipe will be the next logical acquisition, but for the first excursion into the world of clay pipes you cannot go wrong with this Indian head pipe.

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Markus Fohr #45 Black

Indian Head pipe with yellow acrylic stem

Markus Fohr Handcrafted Clay Pipes from Germany

Style 45

This pipe comes with an ebonite stem. The bowl has a medium size tobacco chamber. Markus makes these in Germany from molds originating from Canada.

Suggested retail price: $47.00

Our Price: $35.99

A note on the Markus Fohr black pipes:
These pipes are made with the same white clay as the standard white Markus Fohr pipes, but have been finished in a separate process that smokes the finished pipe using wood chips resulting in a blacked pipe.
Heating this pipe on coals or in a stove as a way of cleaning will burn off the residue inside the bowl, but should not affect the black finish of the pipe. We do however, recommend simply letting the pipe air dry. Most M. Fohr pipes will accept a pipe cleaner, but great care must be taken to avoid breaking the stem.

Weight2 oz
Dimensions8 × 1 × 2 in

5.5 inches

Tobacco Chamber


Bowl Depth

1.25 inches

Inside Bowl Diameter

.75 inch

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