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Markus Fohr Clay Pipe #3 Black

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The Markus Fohr hand-rolled clay pipe #3 is a large bowl clay pipe with a spur at the base of the bowl (it will not allow the pipe to stand, the spur is decorative). When shown in the dropdown an option lid is available. This a very traditional clay pipe that would have been common in the 1700s and 1800s in both Europe and America.



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Markus Fohr Clay Pipe #3 Black

Markus Fohr is a pipe maker who lives in Montabaur, Germany, about 70 Miles from Frankfurt, Cologne, and Düsseldorf in the region of Westerwald.
His family has been making clay pipes for generations. He uses the fine white clay of the region which has been prized for centuries and is used to create the famous pottery of this region.
Some of the molds used are originals going back 240 years.

“I make pipes in the traditional way…” Markus Fohr

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A note on the Markus Fohr black pipes:
These pipes are made with the same white clay as the standard white Markus Fohr pipes, but have been finished in a separate process that smokes the finished pipe using wood chips resulting in a blacked pipe.
Heating this pipe on coals or in a stove as a way of cleaning will burn off the residue inside the bowl, but should not affect the black finish of the pipe. We do however, recommend simply letting the pipe air dry. Most M. Fohr pipes will accept a pipe cleaner, but great care must be taken to avoid breaking the stem.

Weight1.0 oz
Dimensions5.0 × 1 × 1.5 in

5 inches

Bowl Depth

1 inch

Inside bowl diameter


Tobacco chamber



1 oz