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Markus Fohr Clay Pipe #5 with curved stem

The Markus Fohr hand-rolled clay pipe #5c is a long, elegant tavern style clay with a small to medium size bowl. Great for a relatively short smoke after dinner by a wood fire. This model has a slight curve along the stem giving it a tavern pipe feel. This pipe does not have the spur under the bowl which is a feature of the Old German Clay Pipe #5.

This will make a great tobacco tasting pipe. The relatively small bowl will give enough space to test a good amount of tobacco without wasting any of the blend. Since this is a clay pipe you can reload the bowl with a new blend without resting the pipe and without fear of picking up flavors from the previous bowl.

The stem is nearly 9 inches long which makes this an ideal clay pipe for the man or woman just beginning to explore the clay pipe experience, since the added length allows for a marginally cooler smoke and gives the smoker the luxury of not needing to hold the pipe close to the hot bowl.

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Markus Fohr Clay Pipe #5 white/black with curved stem

Markus Fohr is a pipe maker who lives in Montabaur, Germany, about 70 Miles from Frankfurt, Cologne and Düsseldorf in the region of Westerwald.
His family has been making clay pipes for generations. He uses the fine white clay of the region which has been prized for centuries and is used to create the famous pottery of this region.
Some of the molds used are originals going back 240 years.

“I make pipes in the traditional way…” Markus Fohr

Weight2 oz
Dimensions9 × 1 × 1 in

nearly 9"

bowl depth


Bowl inside diameter

5/8 "

Tobacco Chamber



white, black