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Markus Fohr Clay Pipe #64 White

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The Markus Fohr hand-rolled clay pipe #64

If you look closely at the face on the pipe and the photo of Ken, the owner of, you cannot miss the eerie resemblance. It is as if the bald head was lopped off above the big, floppy ears, the pea sized brain scooped out to make room for tobacco and a clay pipe was born. Autographed copies of the pipe are available upon request!

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Markus Fohr Clay Pipe #64 White

Markus Fohr is a pipe maker who lives in Montabaur, Germany, about 70 Miles from Frankfurt, Cologne and Düsseldorf in the region of Westerwald.
His family has been making clay pipes for generations. He uses the fine white clay of the region which has been prized for centuries and is used to create the famous pottery of this region.
Some of the molds used are originals going back 240 years.

“I make pipes in the traditional way…” Markus Fohr

This one is truly unique. This could be named Smoking the Bear, or it could be a dog in which case, we’ll call it Pluto, the little pup that never was a real dog.

Weight1.0 oz
Dimensions4.25 × 1 × 1 in

4.5 inches

Bowl Depth

1.125 inch

Inside bowl diameter

5/8 inch

Tobacco chamber


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