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Meerschaum Viking Pirate

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Hand carved block Meerschaum. Made in Turkey.

This pipe is new with its own hard-shell case. Nice carving of a pirate with an eye patch and horns on either side of his helmet indicating a possible Viking. My Turkish and Norwegian friends should feel free to correct us if we’ve made the wrong assumption.

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Carved Meerschaum Viking Pirate

Hand carved block Meerschaum. Made in Turkey.

This pipe is fitted with a velvet lined hard-shell case. We thing this Viking may have been a pirate because of the eye patch, but he may have been a stellar Viking explorer or just another guy with a horn helmet and a beard. In any case this is one nice looking Meerschaum pipe that you (or a friend; husband; another Viking) will cherish as part of any pipe collection.

Weight5 oz
Dimensions6 × 2 × 4 in



The bowl is 2" tall.

Bowl dimensions

Medium tobacco chamber. Inside diameter of bowl .625" at top of bowl. Lucite Stem


Pipe: 1.4 oz, with case: 2.8 ounces