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Old Dominion Chesapeake

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Old Dominion Corn Cob Pipe
The Chesapeake

The “Chesapeake” Indian Corn Cob Pipe is a traditional corn cob pipe featuring a small bowl handcrafted from an heirloom Indian corn bored out to a 1/2″ diameter and comes with a bamboo stem. Ideal for a short smoke, this makes a perfect after dinner pipe and is easy to carry with you on reenactments, fishing trip, hikes in the wood or just out on the porch.

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Old Dominion Corn Cob Pipe
The Chesapeake

Another heirloom Indian corn cob from the Old Dominion Pipe Company (website http://www.olddominionpipe.com) featuring a small 1/2″ in diameter bowl. Great for a short after dinner smoke or to test out a new tobacco blend. this pipe is fitted with a traditional bamboo stem.

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