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Old Dominion Dutchman

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Old Dominion Dutchman Clay Pipe

These are hand pressed clay pipes made from molds reproduced from pipe fragments found on the old plantation and date back to the early and mid 18th century. Truly authentic period pipes.

Overall length 5″.



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Old Dominion Dutchman Clay Pipe

The Williamsburg clay pipe from the Old Dominion Pipe Company is an authentic reproduction of an early 18th century English clay pipe. Recreated from fragments of pipes found on the Old Dominion Plantation, the pipe molds were made using 3D printing technology to make these press molded clay pipes as true to the originals as possible.

The Dutchman is an original clay pipe derived from examples of the actual clay pipes from colonial America. The Dutch arrived before the English in parts of the current New York Hudson River area and brought with them clay pipes. Old Dominion pieced together remnants of original pipes found in Virginia and throughout areas in Colonial times where clay pipes are still being uncovered to create this authentic replica.


Weight2 oz
Dimensions5 × 1 × 1 in

5 inches