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Old German Clay Combo #3

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Old German Clay Pipe Combo

We’ve put together another Old German Clay pipe combo. This one’s called – Old German Clay Combo #3 – which includes a #1 white, # 2 black, a #39 white, plus a 3-in-1 pipe tool, a bundle of soft and a bundle of bristle pipe cleaners.

Save over $8!

YOUR PRICE: $36.00

This combo comes in its own gift box!


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Old German Clay Combo #3

The best way to try various clay pipes is to grab an Old German Clay Pipe Combination. Most clay pipes are indeed cheap tobacco pipes, but the quality can belie the price. Old German Clay Pipes are some of the highest quality clay pipes on the market and they are also relatively cheap tobacco pipes. With our combo set, you cannot go wrong!

Old German Clay Pipe combo #3A pipe combination puts together a superb group of pipes to test out and enjoy.  In addition, you save money over the individual price. Our Old German Clay Pipe Combinations come with a pipe tool and pipe cleaners as part of the package. Look for new Old German Clay Pipe Combos on regular basis and get them while they last. Because we want our customers to get the best value for their buck, each one will include a unique selection of great clay pipes. Hand-pressed Old German Clay Pipes produce the highest quality clay pipes available. They ship to us directly from the factory in Montebauer.

Here’s another great Old German Clay pipe combo and one you will really like. Old German Clay Combo #3  includes a #1 white, # 2 black, and #39 white. You also receive a 3-in-1 pipe tool, a bundle of soft and a bundle of bristle pipe cleaners.

These are already cheap tobacco pipes, yet you SAVE over $8!

YOUR PRICE: $36.00

Old German Clay Pipes: Are they cheap tobacco pipes or affordable tobacco pipes?

Clay pipes are really affordable tobacco pipes when it comes to price. However, our Old German Clay Pipes are not cheaply made and every bit the high quality clay pipe you could hope for. These are hand-pressed clay pipes which means they are more dense and sturdy than pipes that have been poured into a mold from a wet slurry of clay. The slip cast method produces good pipes but they really are cheap tobacco pipes, mass produced and somewhat porous causing easy discoloration. The pressed clay pipes leave very little air in the clay and come out of the kiln quite solid.

We started working with Markus Fohr and his Old German Clay Pipes several years ago. Over the years a friendship developed between Ken and Markus resulting in a kind of partnership. This partnership is spreading the word about Old German Clay Pipes to pipe smokers throughout the United States. Old German Clay Pipes actually are not old pipes, but are made from original molds. Markus is actively exploring new sources for old clay pipe designs, leading to some interesting discoveries. See all of our available Old German Clay Pipes here.

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