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Old German #44R with Copper Ring

$5.99 plus tax where applicable

Perfect as testing pipes for trying samples of tobacco, these handy 3″ clay pipes will fit easily in your pocket as you wander through your favorite pipe shows.

This style comes with a non-removable copper ring around the rim of the bowl. The copper ring is permanently attached to the bowl as an enhancement.

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Old German #44R with Copper Ring

The traditional style of these tiny pipes was not originally used for smoking, although they can be smoked. Mostly, they were used in the baking of the Weckmann confection popular in Germany in November. However, we have found these little 3″ clay pipes are perfect for testing new blends of tobacco or even other plants if permitted where you live. This variety has a copper ring attached to the rim of the bowl/

This is what they look like when backed as part of the Weckman, a confection popular in the Catholic regions of Germany during the St. Martin’s Day feast.


The difference with these is the copper ring around the top rim of the pipe.

Weight1 oz
Dimensions3.5 × 1 × 1 in