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Weckmann #41

These are the Long version of the smaller #8 Weckmann pipes.

These are functional clay pipes hand-pressed into molds in Germany similar to the same high quality craftsmanship of our regular Old German Clay Pipes.

We sometimes get pipes that are not quite perfect (seconds) but are still functional and can be used for smoking tobacco without harming the pipe. So if you order one with minor imperfections you might see a fissure inside the bowl, or some distortion or other imperfection. We can’t see these at the same price as the perfect version, but rest assured, these pipes will perform just as well, and cost you a whole lot less.


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Weckmann #41 Large

These clay tobacco pipes have images of a Knight on one side of the bowl and a Bishop on the other. In Germany, these pipes are sometimes used by bakers for the St. Martin’s Day festival. The bakeries in Bavaria bake thousands of small confections shaped like a Bishop who is holding a clay pipe. Small clay pipes are baked into the sweet dough.

This pipe is hand-pressed into molds inGermany and offers a medium-size tobacco chamber. It is 8 inches long and comes in white with a standard unvarnished tip, or with your choice of a black or red tip.

These large pipes would be incorporated into a very large version of the baked good, not necessarily for sale, but for placing in the shop window to advertise the availability of the small Weckmann confections.

Weight1 oz
Dimensions8.0 × 1 × 1 in

Standard Quality, Minor Imperfections

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