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Pre-order the rare black churchwarden clay pipe

We will be getting another Pipeshoppe exclusive in a few weeks.

a rare black #7 clay tavern pipe
Old German clay churchwarden #7 black

The very rare black churchwarden clay pipe from Old German Clay Pipes will be arriving soon. Penn Vally Pipes secured the last batch of these full-length black clay churchwarden pipes.

Twenty of the Old German Clay Pipe #7 black pipes will be arriving in a couple of weeks. This is a rare opportunity for you to pick up a pipe that is no longer being produced.

These are the last of the black full-length churchwarden pipes and you can pre-order them here.

A special process applied to the white clay pipes after the initial firing in the kiln causes the clay to turn black. Due to the difficulty of working with the long clay pipes the manufacturer has abandoned the blackening process for the churchwarden style clay pipes. Penn Valley Pipes has secured the last of the lot.

If you want to own one of these black churchwarden #7 pipes you need to order soon.

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