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Restocked this week

A number of Old German Clay Pipes that have been restocked this week.

We think you will be pleased by the newly restocked clay pipes that arrived this week. Here’s a sampling of the available pipes.

We have about a dozen 8 1/2″ white #4 pipes on hand and one (as of this writing) all black version.
Markus Fohr #4

The elegant #16 are back in both white and black.
Old German Clay pipe #16
The #16 is over 6 inches long and has a good full-size tobacco chamber with fluting outside the bowl. The stems display an interesting pattern of intersecting lines and bumps.

We have the #2 white in stock again. This is a small plain pipe a bit over 4 inches with tobacco chamber on the small size and a little under an inch deep. Its length is similar to the short Elizabethan but the similarity ends there. This is a solid feeling, pressed clay pipe with a much bigger bowl than the Elizabethan. You probably won’t squeeze an full hour smoke out this pipe, but it will give you more than just a few minutes of smoking joy.
Old German Clay Pipes

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