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Spring Break

Winter has finally left the building. It was still cold outside (15° F) this morning in the hills of Apalachin. But it might reach 50° later today!

To celebrate the coming of spring and for those of us of the Pagan persuasion, the vernal equinox, we have decided to take a spring break.

Between now and the end of March (2019) you can take an extra 10% off any order of $20 with the coupon code: SPRINGBREAK. Of course, we had to throw in some restrictions like minimum order (it’s actually a little less than $20 but I’ll let you find the cut off on your own) and if the item is already on sale that won’t be discounted and you can’t use other discount coupons. Yikes, nothing but restrictions!!

Still 10% off most stuff ain’t bad considering. I’m not sure what exactly we’re considering here but do take the discount. You can do so every time you shop through the end of the month.


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