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The site will be getting some maintenance (updated)

12/4/15 3:25 PM
The Amazon Payments option is now back up! We figured out what was causing the problem.


Last week we noticed an issue cropping up with our Amazon payments option. We know a lot of our customers find paying with their Amazon account is easy and, in many cases, preferable to using a credit card or being directed to PayPal. We have been working with developers to see if there is something that can be done to allows us activate the Amazon payment option again. The upshot is that we will be doing some maintenance that could impact the user experience – meaning you, our site visitors and customers – may find some odd things happening to the look of the site or the checkout process.

We don’t want to take the site down and we don’t think we will need to, but as we test out remedies things may get a bit weird. We will be playing around for a day or so to see what’s under the hood, so to speak. The powers that be are less than enthusiastic about letting Ken “play around” with the website, but Ken has assured them all will be well and besides, he has secured them to their corporate work stations with sturdy rubber bands and a bit of duct tape and their hands are tied.

If the experiments succeed we will again have the Amazon option for the shopping cart. Then again, may disappear altogether.

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