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Welcome to the new website. So What’s new?

We notice that a lot of our customers are coming to us through there mobile devices – phones, tablets, the little screens the NSA puts inside people’s shoes so they can see where everyone is, as well as laptops and desk top computers. When we started out around 1998 there weren’t many cell phones that could surf the web. In fact a lot of people didn’t do much other than chat on AOL or Prodigy.

Everything has changed in the short life-time of the 21st century and we kind of figured it might be worth given change a try ourselves.

It will probably take a few months to get the kinks out, but we’ll keep working on it until everything works as it’s supposed to.

Thanks for checking us out and we hope stay around and do some shopping.

If you want to see the original website, which is fully operational, click here.

Your Friend Ken.

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